Saturday, November 5, 2016

Queso Night 2016

On October 21st, the time came for us to hold our annual philanthropy event called Queso Night benefiting Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA).  CASA is an organization who's mission is to provide advocates for abused or neglected children.  CASA volunteers represent these children in court and help them find permanent home so that they don't languish in a foster home.  As for the event, Queso Night is a South-Western themed event in which we serve all you can eat tachos and nachos.  The tickets were $5 in advance and $7 at the door.  Aside from the great food, there was raffles, music, and fun! This year, guests served themselves, while our sisters were in charge of drink refills and cleaning up after our guests.  This system allowed our event to run smoothly and successfully.  We raised $3500 this year, which was a considerate increase from last year! We are very proud of how much money we were able to give to CASA and the Theta Foundation.  Thank everyone for coming!

Parents Brunch

On October 16th, we held our annual Parents' Brunch! This year the Parents' Brunch was combined with our Scholarship Banquet.  It was nice, because we not only did we get to share the chapter's academic achievements with all the members of Theta, but we also were able to present them to our parents!  A slideshow with pictures of our sisters together at different events was played so that our parents could see some of the amazing things we've done so far this semester.  There was also great food, including scones, pumpkin cheesecake muffins, quiche, bacon, fruit, and other tasty treats.  Overall, everyone had a good time, and it was nice to have so many parents make it to the event. Thank you to everyone that helped make the event run smoothly!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Community Service Weekend 2017

Our chapter held a Pizza Party to help fundraise for Circle of Sisterhood in order for them to be able to send over one lucky Greek member to Africa to help build a school for girls. On March 1st Gamma Mu donated our dinner to the Boys and Girls' Club of DC in connection with Greek Life Serves! The goal of the Greek Life Serves is to connect greek life students with homeless and at-risk communities throughout the DC area. Chase Logan, a member of Spring 16, is on the executive board and organized the donations from all of the chapters. We helped distribute the meal at the Boys and Girls Club with Chase and a few other chapters. The chapter also participated in Terp Thon, which is an event where we raise money to stand on our feet for 12 hours straight for those children at Children's National Health System that cannot do so.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Leadership Retreat 2016

Last Sunday, the current executive board, officers, and general members interested in leadership roles joined together to engage in a leadership retreat. We began the day analyzing our results from StrengthsQuest. StrengthsQuest is a great program in which students take an assessment that helps them discover their strengths.  The results from StrengthsQuest were very insightful.  Not only did everyone learn about their personal strengths, but we also were informed of others' strengths.  Knowing everyone's strengths is important in forming more effective teams in the future.  Aside from this, we completed a "Stand by Your Quote" Activity in which leadership quotes were placed around the room and everyone stood by the quote that represented their own leadership style.  This was a great activity because it allowed everyone to explore the many interpretations of "leadership" and how to strengthen your own leadership style by considering the strengths of other styles.  Next, we talked about what our Fraternity means us and how we can improve it.  In order to strive for improvement, we set goals and talked about the steps we can take to achieve them.  Lastly, we talked about the oaths we took during initiation and how we can continue to uphold these vows in our daily lives.  Overall, the leadership retreat really brought us together as a chapter and gave us a lot to think about.  We now have a list of strengths to keep in mind and strive to strengthen in hopes of becoming betters leaders.  We also left with a list of goals that we will keep in mind for the remainder, as we are always aiming to improve our chapter. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Commitment to Community Service

Our sister Lauren Ahn has been dedicated to her commitment to community service this summer with her time spent in the Dominican Republic working with Empowering Action.  Empowering Action is a non-profit organization that works to combat poverty by mobilizing expertise and resources in communities in partnership with local churches.  She was part of their Abundant Life Program, a 16-week program that helps empower participating communities to overcome poverty with relevant knowledge and tangible skills that can improve both their physical health and economic status.  As a photographer, her main duty was to take photos at all of the locations to which she went, so that Empowering Action could use them for their website, social media, prints. etc. Lauren also worked with their Virtuous Women program, which helps women make and promote their own products, teaches economic empowerment, and guides the participating ladies to become successful business women.  The little girl she's holding is the youngest of eight children who have all been raised by a single mother named Cintia.  Cintia was able to open up her first bank account ever a few weeks ago due to the money she's made with the program.  We are so proud of you Lauren for your hard work and being an example of a leading woman.  

Developing Leadership Potential

We are so proud of our sister Alaina Swindell Jones! This summer she interned at USA TODAY. Here's what she shared from her experience:

"This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern with USA TODAY as a Strategic Brand Marketing Intern. They had me working closely with interns in all departments who happened to come from all over the United States. I became close with two girls in particular, Polly who attends Tulane University, and Margaux who attends Vanderbilt University. One day as we chatted over lunch, I happened to mention something about Greek Life and my experience with Theta. They looked at me shocked and explained that they were both Thetas at their universities as well. We had bonded over circumstances entirely separate from our shared sisterhood and discovering this commonality down the road just made our connection all the more special. Our story ended up getting recognized on the UMD Theta Instagram, and I was then contacted by the Theta Nationals’ Head of Social Media, who asked us to do a Snapchat takeover showcasing our experiences as USA TODAY interns. It was definitely a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, and I’m certain all three of us will ever forget it. It’s definitely a reminder that I’ll continue to find sisters in the most unexpected of places, which makes leaving UMD in May not feel so scary after all."

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cupcakes for Casa!

This past week the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta got together to sell cupcakes. These cupcakes weren't just any other cupcakes; these cupcakes will be sold and in return the CASA will receive donations to their organization. This program aims to help children by giving them court appointed special advocates to give the children a voice. It was awesome to make cupcakes with my sisters, knowing that together we were helping to make a difference in the world.